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Facts from the experts: Why go to the Jizerská 50 without fluoride waxes?

In 2023, new FIS rules came into force, banning all waxes with a fluorine component. For the 57th ČEZ Jizerská 50 organizers, the environment and competitors' health is a top priority, so they do not take this new ban lightly. Fluorine waxes can form toxic, eternal compounds in nature that never decompose spontaneously. In addition, they can have carcinogenic effects. Skiers who have a supply of such waxes at home will be able to exchange them for a completely safe alternative at a 50% discount with the experts at SWIX.


"Perfluorinated substances (abbreviated PFAS, belonging to the so-called eternal chemicals) contain organically bound fluorine, which is probably the worst type of contaminant that people has produced so far," explains Jaroslav Semerád from the Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology at the MBU CAS. These substances are extremely toxic because they never decompose naturally and, on the contrary, accumulate in nature and in the human body. Some of them have been shown to cause cancer and other serious diseases.

"Fluorine waxes are the main source of PFAS in remote mountain areas, where they are mainly ingested by cross-country skiers, who often unknowingly smear these waxes on their slides," adds Tomáš Cajthaml from the Institute for the Environment of Charles University. The most serious results were found in the Jizera Mountains, which are a popular destination not only for Jizerská 50 racers. Increased concentrations of PFAS at the busiest intersections of the Jizera Highway can lead to trace contamination of drinking water in Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec. "I believe that banning these types of wax will significantly improve the situation in the Czech mountains. We know that after the Jizerská 50 the concentration of PFAS reached several times higher values than before it started," says Cajthaml. The researchers, in cooperation with Jizerská o.p.s. and SWIX, are planning to take measurements before and after the event this year as well and expect significantly lower values.

The market leader, SWIX, has been developing fluorine-free waxes as one of the first manufacturers since 2019. "We want to meet the change and therefore, purely for environmental reasons, we have announced the Old for New event, in which we will offer the exchange of old toxic waxes for new, health and environmentally friendly alternatives at a discount of up to 50%," says Jan Weisshäutel on behalf of SWIX.

Skiers can hand in fluorine waxes in their original packaging from all brands and even partially used ones at collection points, for example, at Jizerská 50. Specifically, this can be combined with picking up your starting number in OC Nisa Liberec or directly at the stadium in Bedřichov at the SWIX stand. Not only will you protect yourself, your loved ones, and nature by doing so, but you can also buy new, safe, and efficient alternatives at up to 50% discount.

"This ban is not about faster or slower skis, but about protecting health and nature. That's why, as the Czech Ski Association, we unequivocally support the ban on fluoride waxes. At the Jizerská 50, we will have a special measuring device that is able to reliably and quickly detect PFAS on the ski slope," says Michal Kučera on behalf of the association.

"Conscientious competitors who only pass through a contaminated track do not have to worry about disqualification," assures Jizera 50 spokesman Richard Valoušek. "Our primary goal is to educate racers and skiers about how harmful fluorinated waxes can be," Valoušek adds.



Which waxes are involved in the exchange?

The exchange applies to all fluorine ski waxes.

What do I get for my old wax?

If there is a fluorine-free alternative, you will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of your fluorine wax. If you bring in a fluor wax for exchange that does not already have a direct alternative among fluorine-free waxes, you will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of the current SWIX fluorine-free product that is priced closest to the original value of the fluorine wax you turned in.

If you decide to replace your old fluorine wax during the Jizera 50 and there is no direct alternative, you can receive a voucher worth 50% of the price of the fluorine wax you brought, which can be redeemed for a minimum total value of the fluorine wax you brought on the e-shop.

Where can I exchange the waxes?

You will be able to exchange your old fluoride waxes during the whole Jizerská 50 programme at the following locations:
- at the SWIX sales stand in OC Nisa in the registration area,
- in the SWIX Lubrication Service tent directly at the stadium in Bedřichov.

Afterwards, it will also be possible to exchange waxes at SWIX dealers all over the Czech Republic until 31 March 2024.

How will the exchange take place on site?

At Jizerská 50: Bring your old fluorine waxes to the collection point (registration in OC Nisa or SWIX lubrication tent at the stadium in Bedřichov), and we will either assign you an alternative with a 50% discount or you will receive adequate vouchers redeemable at the e-shop.

At selected retailers: when you bring in your old fluorine waxes, you will be offered an alternative SWIX fluorine-free wax at 50% off the original MOC, or offered a 50% off wax from current SWIX production that is priced no closer to the fluorine wax you brought in.

How will you replace my powders and accelerators?

If you bring in a fluorine wax for exchange that does not yet have a direct alternative among the fluorine-free waxes, you will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of the current SWIX fluorine-free product that is priced closest to the original value of the fluorine wax turned in.

In the case of the Jizerská 50 exchange, if you bring in a fluorine wax without a direct alternative, you can receive a value voucher of 50% of the price of the fluorine wax you brought in. You can then redeem this voucher when you make a purchase on the e-shop (for the minimum total value of the fluoride wax you bring).

Will the exchange be possible via the e-shop?

No. Exchanges by mail are not possible at this time.

What will you do with the selected fluoride waxes?

The fluoride from the waxes you hand in will never be released into the environment again. We will make sure that the waxes are destroyed in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Disposal will take place in a waste incinerator or by pyrolysis. In fact, temperatures above 500 °C will break down the eternal chemicals.

How many pieces can I replace?

There is no limit to the number - the more the better.

Can I also replace broken/used wax?

Yes. We want to ensure that as little of the toxic substances in fluoride waxes enter the environment as possible, so we will accept loaded waxes for exchange. The condition is that the wax is handed in in its original packaging.

Why should I dispose of fluoride wax?

Fluoride waxes are fundamentally damaging to nature, the environment and human health. Their insidiousness lies, among other things, in their permanence - these substances never decompose in nature. On the contrary, they accumulate dangerously in groundwater and the food chain, have toxic effects and can even have carcinogenic consequences. There is no longer any reason to use them - there are comparable and much cleaner alternatives available.

When can I exchange waxes at Swix dealers?

You have from 12 February to 31 March to exchange waxes.

Do I need the original receipt from my wax purchase?

You do not need a receipt, but the wax must be in its original packaging. If you bring in a fluoride wax from another manufacturer, the retailer or our staff may ask you to show proof of the original price or category of wax (just show the product page on the e-store where you purchased the wax, for example).

Do fluorine-free waxes work as well as fluorine waxes?

In terms of water repellency and the ability to not absorb dirt, fluorine waxes have unique properties that cannot be replaced 1:1. However, there are alternatives that perform comparably or even better than fluorine in specific conditions, but will have limits in the extent to which they can be worked with.

How do I know if I have fluorine waxes?

The easiest way is by the label, where this information is usually listed. If this is not the case, we recommend that you verify this information by searching for the specific wax by its name on the internet.

What's so bad about fluorine wax all of a sudden?

Simply put, we know more than we used to - and in this case, we know a lot more about the harms of fluoride. Fortunately, we have a substitute for it in waxes. So each of us can decide how to approach and act on the new findings. We have a choice until PFAS are completely banned in the EU, which will hopefully be soon.

PFASs are made up of a huge group of products (more than 4700) and knowledge about them is gradually increasing, which in turn leads to regulations and bans. The first chemical to be banned was PFOS in 2009. PFOA and PFHxS are also banned from 2019 and 2022 respectively.

Other brands continue to have fluorine in their waxes?

Unfortunately, some do. Legally, the manufacture and sale of fluorine waxes with a C6 chain is not banned or legislation restricting these harmful products is not yet in place. It is expected to come into force in 2027.

Are the new fluorine-free waxes safe?

SWIX does not use anything in its new waxes that has not been safely documented at this time. At the same time, all included substances are permitted in consumer products.

Will it be possible to replace fluorine waxes from other brands with SWIX fluorine-free waxes?

Yes! Fluor waxes from all manufacturers are accepted for exchange. You will always be offered an equivalent wax from the current SWIX range at a 50% discount off its MOC or a 50% discount on the current SWIX product that is closest in price to the fluor wax you brought. For this reason, you may be asked by our staff or dealer to provide proof of the declared price or classification of the fluoride wax brought in (by internet tracking, original receipt, etc.).

If I have been using fluorine waxes and now change to non-fluorine waxes, do I need to treat the ski slide in any special way?

The fluoride will naturally leach out of the ski over time. However, there is a recommended process called de-fluoridation of skis, which is mandatory for professional racers. This ensures that the skis will subsequently pass the inspection at the races. For recreational and fitness skiers this process is voluntary.

Does it make sense if I go out three times a year on a Saturday? That's not going to kill the planet!

The treachery of fluorine compounds lies in their permanence - these toxic substances never break down in nature. They then accumulate in the environment, in groundwater and in the food chain. Since we already have performance-comparable alternatives, there is no rational reason to use fluoride waxes and to further damage nature and human health. The choice is up to each of us.

I have not found any prohibition anywhere on the sale and use of fluoride waxes for the general user, so why should I give it back to you?

Although there are a number of new findings on the harmfulness of fluorine compounds, current legislation allows fluorine waxes with C6 technology to continue to be manufactured and sold. It is therefore up to the responsibility and consideration of each of us to decide whether to continue to use these substances, thereby destroying nature and our own health. However, we are pleased that the EU is already working on a ban on the use of these substances, which will hopefully come into force by 2027.

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