How can I register?

You can register through SportID. The instructions on how to register can be found here.


I’ve forgotten my user name or password for my user account in SportID. What shall I do?

You can have the forgotten password sent to you – here.


What wave will I be placed in?

It depends on your finish time from ČEZ Jizerská 50 in 2020 or 2019.


When will you publish time limits for placement in waves?

The time limits for individual waves will be published in October.


I have never participated in Jizerská 50, but I take part in other races; which wave will you place me in?

While registering, write the name of the race, course length, the year you participated and your finish time in the note. We accept results from the Worldloppet, Ski Classics, Ski Tour series – based on these results we will place you in a wave according to your performance.


I have never taken part in Jizerská 50, but I have skied Jizerská 25, will I have to start in the last wave?

We will take into account your results from Jizerská 25, Bedřichovská 30 and Jizerská 10 and you will be placed in waves according to your performance.


I have never taken part in Jizerská 50 and I can’t provide a result from other races, what wave will I start from?

In this case you will be placed in the last wave and you will have to “win” a better starting wave.


Can I start in the same wave as my wife/friend/etc.?

We place people in waves based on their performance, so if your wife/friend/etc. is placed in a worse wave than you, we can transfer you into the worse wave if you send us a request to do so at info@jiz50.cz.


I have paid the race fee, but I can’t participate in the race because of illness. Is it possible to transfer it onto someone else? Or is it possible to transfer the fee to be used the following year?

Yes, you can transfer your race fee to another person. You can do the re-registration in SportID. The race fee can’t be transferred to another year.


I want to buy the race fee as a substitute, will I have the same race number as the original owner?

No, from the original owner you are buying just the race fee (you don’t buy the number, nor the wave). You will be assigned a race number and a wave slot depending on your performance. We place participants in waves of similar performance level in order for everyone to enjoy the race as much as possible even when there are many participants, so that they don’t have to overtake slower skiers, or make room for the faster ones.


I want to give the race fee as a present, how do I do that?

Have a look at the gift voucher.


I bought the race fee for my friend, filled in the form and paid the fee, can you issue a gift voucher for me retrospectively?

Unfortunately no. Please use the option of buying a gift voucher through the link above.


I’ve registered, but I didn’t buy a parking space, the waxing service and souvenirs at the time of registration – can I buy these services later?

Yes, these services can be bought extra, but only if they are not sold out (e.g. parking space). You can do that through your SportID user account in the “Additional Services” section. The manual on how to do it can be found here.


I’m a member of the Champions Club, am I legible for a discount?

Yes, you should have received an email with a discount code depending on the number of races you have participated in. Enter the code during registration and the discount will be deducted automatically. A discount can’t be granted retrospectively. If you haven’t received the email, contact us at info@jiz50.cz.

Races 54th CEZ Jizerska 50


14. 2. 2021

  Kapacita vyčerpána  


13. 2. 2021

  Kapacita vyčerpána  


12. 2. 2021

  Kapacita vyčerpána  


13. 2. 2021

  Full capacity  


12. 2. 2021

  Kapacita vyčerpána  


13. 2. 2021



12. 2. 2021

  Left 130  

0 % kapacity vyprodáno


12. 2. 2021


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